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injection mold,Mold design and manufacturing,Mold processing,mold,Plastic mould

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injection mold,Mold design and manufacturing,Mold processing,mold,Plastic mould

Shenzhen Donglai Precision Plastic Mould Factory specializes in injection mold processing, mold production, mold manufacturing, and plastic product processing. The company has been awarded multiple national invention patents. Operating under the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, the products are extensively exported to Europe and America. The company offers fast quoting, attentive service, competitive prices, and welcomes inquiries.

Injection molding factories specialize in producing daily plastic molds, plastic injection molds, custom plastic molds, and providing custom processing services. Donglai Precision Mould can offer CNC turning, automatic turning, turning, cutting, machining, hardware processing, precision processing of non-standard parts, precision processing of stainless steel parts, and other mechanical processing for various non-standard equipment parts, control equipment, medical devices, electronic products, automotive parts, and mechanical equipment products. Additionally, they offer services such as thread cutting, pipe bending, head sealing, side hole processing, laser cutting, and other metal processing services.